Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ulysses Flashback

So...my goal for the year was supposed to be edit.  A whole lot of editing.  As I ended 2012, I was working on a flashback in the 2nd Ulysses book and for some reason today I found myself wanting to return to it.  As when I was working on it before there was always something missing.  The 1st book has several flashback chapters that follow a character other than my main Mia.  Book two is much the same just the flashback in the second book follows a different character.  I'm leaving out his name, as it should keep most spoilers out of the way.  Just liked it enough I wanted to share.

He felt the touch of the cool air on his face, eyes closed, he tasted the salt from the sea on his lips.  He never cared for the water…but she loved it.  Sailing was the only fear he ever had.  He knew with each trip across the ocean the possibility of not returning to her was there.  He would leave her alone and he had done that far too much in his life.  She had married him when they barely knew each other but he never doubted her heart.  He could see it in her blue eyes when she looked up into his.  Most considered him a brute, too often he knew what he was, hired muscle to most and now he was returning to that way of life.  But in her eyes she saw something else; the man behind his size was heart. 
He knew his return to the States this time was different.  He would not be coming back across the sea, at least not for her.  He leaned against the edge of the ship opening his eyes to get a better look at the waves as they splashed against the hull.  The crucifix fell from his shirt and floated out around his neck.  He brought his hand to the tip and closed his large hand around the silver pendant and pulled until the chain broke but continued to tighten his grip until he felt the tips pierce skin.
Slowly he opened his hand to see the small droplets of blood.  “Why?” he questioned out loud not worried if anyone was around to see or hear.  “Why did you have to leave me?  I promised I was done; I would spend the rest of my days at your side.  I had paid my debts.” 
He again closed his fist around the crucifix; it was the last thing of hers he had.  Again he closed his eyes with no attempt to fight the tears.  He could hear her whispers on the whistling wind.  Her voice soft and kind brought a smile to his face.  “I am sorry.”  He replied to the conversation only he could hear.  He could almost see her smile now as he brought his hand to his face pushing the tears from his eyes.  “I love you my sweet Katrina.  I never thought…”  He paused as he took a deep breath reaching his hand out in front of him and let the necklace dangle for a moment before he released it to the sea below.  “I never thought my sweet rose, I would say goodbye to you.”

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