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Be Inspired Blog Hop... The Ulysses

Be Inspired Blog Hop…  The Ulysses

So, I am only like four months behind on this or something like that.  Was tagged in this blog hop by Ruth Long at Bullish Ink…  I have also decided I may do this a couple more times for my other current works in progress as well.  We will see. 

So, here's the plan:
1.  Answer the following ten questions about a current WIP.
2.  Tag five other writers and link their blogs so we can all hop over and read their answers. 
It's that simple.
Now for the questions:

1.) What is the title of your book?   The Ulysses

2.) Where did the idea for the book come from? Through out 2011 I attempted to plot and write three other Steampunk novels and none of the three went anywhere.  After a somewhat goofy conversation with another writer friend (Lillie) of mine about transporters, time travel, and some other stuff.  I guess she inspired me, as started to write and plot Ulysses that very night.  And once I got started I just didn’t seem to stop until I had a rough draft done.

3.) What genre would your book fall under? Alternative History/Steampunk

4.) Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Mia Ezekiel - The main character and was the hardest for me to find an actress who could play the tough guardian, and through my limited exposure to Tamara Feldman I believe she could pull it off.

Julian Bastion -  from the beginning I pictured the some what harsh captain of the Ulysses as being played by Clancy Brown.  And considering he wears a bronzed mask to hide a scar on his face, Brown's voice is perfect for the character.

Gareth - The mysterious man who no one seems to know much about.  Really there is only one choice to play Gareth, Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis, Game of Thrones, Conan)

Rodney Stone - Mark Boone Junior, the somewhat gently brute of a short stature.  MBJ would be perfect for the role.

William Beck - the brilliant engineer and pilot of the Ulysses.  It was another case of the voice of rapper/actor Common was a great fit for the character.

Kent Hardy - Another mysterious character with connections to most of the other characters.  Norman Reedus would be perfect for the role.

Sophia Hope - 

5.) What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? On maiden voyage of the airship the Ulysses, Mia Ezekiel is tasked with being the guardian of young Sophia, what should be an easy task becomes harder when she learns someone on the skeleton crew is there to do harm to the young girl.

6.) Is your book published or represented? No/No

7.) How long did it take you to write? Still in rough draft form but I wrote it over the last two months of 2011, attacking it like I do my NaNoWriMo projects.  My goal was to just get it written.  I had hoped to get it to some sort of polished condition this year but I haven’t been as focused with editing as I would like to be.

8.) What other books within your genre would you compare it to? 

 9.) Which authors inspired you to write this book?  Wasn’t really inspired by any other books or writers as much as the Steampunk genre in general.  Going to conventions and seeing all the amazing costumes some people do, it made me want to sit down and write it.

10.) Tell us anything else that might pique our interest in your book?  Filled with mystery, passion, suspense and action.  Hope to keep you on the edge of your seat and intrigued by all the characters on the maiden voyage of the Ulysses. 

Sneak Peak:

November, 1876
Mia leaned over the railing, sun on her face, brittle cold air biting at her exposed golden skin. Her raspberry lips formed a satisfied smile for the first time in longer than she would care to admit.  This was more than she expected when the messenger appeared one frosty morning on her door step with a chance to leave her lonely home. She was ready to leave the ghosts behind. Nothing prepared her for this journey; she remembered the first moment she saw the vessel. 
In a field north of the capital, the first of its kind, the Ulysses looked like the hull of a normal ship, but at four stories and four thousand square foot it took nearly four years to complete construction.  None whose sweat and blood went into the machine’s building thought they would see the day it would propel itself from the ground. The cheers were heard even over the ship’s roaring engines. 
Meant for a fifteen man crew, barely a skeleton crew, but six dropped from the venture after the preacher refused to acknowledge a ‘godless abomination.’  Instead of replacing the missing bodies, the Captain pressed forward, determined to keep his schedule.
The brain child of Hamilton Bastion, a man who was not present on the maiden voyage, his brother Julian would take his place, a former captain in the war between brothers.  Once Mia had accepted the assignment to accompany the crew, she was surprised to see the Bastion signature on the letter of intent beside the president’s own signature. 
Mia’s history with the captain made her curious about being chosen for this assignment, Hamilton had hand-picked her to accompany his niece, Sophia Hope, to join her mother in California. Mia could not turn down this job. She hoped to seek an audience with Hamilton before their departure, but he sent word he would meet with her on her return to Washington,
Mia found herself thinking about it all, now as she tried to escape the sweat raged interior of the Ulysses.  Steam engines heating the lower deck made Mia’s first night aboard a sleepless one.  The steam filled the large leather layered balloon over the ship’s body, powering the propellers
 The letter now in her hand told the true reasons why she was picked for the journey.  More than to look over a young girl, she was to protect her from any harm.  “TRUST NO ONE,” the last words screamed out at her.  Keep Bastion’s niece safe until they took port in California. Once the little child was safely in her mother’s arms, Mia would be paid handsomely.  She wanted Bastion’s attention and knowledge more than any payment he could offer. For now, she worried about the young ward and the cryptic letter which set every hair on edge.
Mia’s hair was black as the feathers of a crow, set in a faux hawk. A few loose strands of hair floated wildly around the back of her neck.  A thick streak of red paint stretched across her eyes to her ears and two black ones rested on each cheek.
Her hands, bound in fingerless black leather gloves gripped the black iron railing; the rest of her arms were bare to her shoulders, with the exception of tight fishnet stocking gloves. Two leather necklaces hung around her neck creased with age and wear, one with a small white feather secured to the end, tickling her skin. A black corset and bustle, over her white blouse, at times caused an awkward pain when she took a deep breath.  A loose black pinstriped vest hand sewn straps held her weapon of choice a hefty tomahawk. It was one of the few weapons permitted on the Ulysses, by order of the President. She was one of only two people on the ship permitted to carry a firearm of any sort.  She felt the small single shell pistol in her garter, a weapon much harder to retrieve. The cool touch of steel on her thigh often sent a chill up her back when she least expected it.  

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  1. This sounds fascinating, along with your cast list this really piques my curiosity! I love the steampunk look!

  2. Am certainly getting more curious the more I read...x