Monday, April 9, 2012

Lucky Seven

I was tagged by Breeana Puttroff
Here are the directions:
1.          Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
2.          Go to line 7
3.          Copy down the next seven lines (sentences??) as they are – no cheating
4.          Tag 7 other authors

I plucked my seven sentences from my steampunk novel the Ulysses, which I’m currently trying to edit into something readable.

Always with a smile on his fat bearded cheeks as he made unusual faces at the child in an attempt to make her smile.   
            Gareth was the opposite of his companion in almost every way; over ten inches taller at 6’6 long shoulder length dark silky hair seemed clean despite his job aboard the Ulysses.  “Good evening ladies,” his voice was deep and reassuring with a hint of an unrecognizable accent, he had given the two of them only a momentary glance with his dark brown eyes caused her to smile.  Tanned skin and freshly shaved face highlighted his strong muscular jaw and the only time she had seen him smile was when he knew he was being watched.  In his mid to late thirties, in peak physical condition, it was hard not to notice he wore a shirt a size too small and the ships circulated wind pushed at the unbuttoned shirt.   
            “Evening gentleman,’ Mia replied with a slight bow, one Sophia intimidated before she took her seat.  The two men raised their cups with a smile, wasting no more time before they returned their attention to what looked like their second serving of food. 

  1. Lillie McFerrin
  2. Angie Richmond
  3. Jo-Anne
  4. Anna Meade
  5. Brewed Bohemian
  6. Daniel Swensen
  7. Donna McNicol


  1. Great piece! Thanks for the tag :)

  2. I enjoy doing this...did it on Facebook. Now I have to find 7 folks that weren't tagged here or on FB. to research.