Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction: Scorching

Five Sentence Fiction is a prompt started by LillieMcFerrin, check out a wonderful interview with Lillie over at Bullish Ink.  Some much deserved attention to a great writer, editor, and friend. 

Five Sentence Fiction:  Scorching

Madison took each step as gentle and careful as the one before, avoiding the broken glass, burnt wood, and melted objects of a former life.  She pulled the mask away from her face she could still smell the smoke on each strand of her dyed white hair and in each stitch of the loose fitting clothing she had been asleep in when the alarm brought her to life.  She knelt pulling the half melted leash from the black ash, her hand clinched into a fist around it even though she knew Max was safe with a friend now.  Her heart raced, tears began to swell in her already red eyes as she released a silent curse.  Hotter than the fire which took her home, the anger burned through her knowing who had done this and she fought at the smile on her lips.  


  1. Wonderful imagery Steven! I'm so glad you joined in this time. Hope you are writing more my friend.

    1. Yup, my first FSF in what feels like forever. And thanks... Still not getting any writing done but this was a start.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your piece; the last sentence is extremely powerful and really makes me want to read on as to what happens next . . .