Saturday, April 6, 2013

VisDare 14: Normalcy

HA!  I actually did not think I would do this weeks VisDare...I had made a promise to myself for at least a few weeks I would continue to write my entries connecting them one entry to the next...  Until I saw this weeks picture and the first thought I had was how the heck am I going to do this....

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He knew it was a simple question without a simple answer, her lips parted to speak with a pause.

“My grandmother raised me, small town far from here.  Very conservative and anyone different was labeled so.  Every Saturday we would go to the farmer’s market she would always wear this old dress, complete with pearls, bracelets, and hat.  What always caught the most attention was Baxter, her pet duck, always at her side on a leash.  I loved those Saturday afternoon walks it wasn’t until years later I could recall the looks and whispers.  The idea my grandmother wasn’t quite all there.”   He watched her lean against the rail, “you were so out of place last night in the bar, and when you left you reminded me of her an odd duck not knowing he needed someone, a friend to look out for him.”

(145 Words)


  1. I'd struggle tying this picture in anywhere, but you did it seamlessly!

  2. I really like this. You've managed to tie it in elegantly. Nice writing good sir!

  3. What a sweet entry - and tied it into your add-on story so well! I like the implied meaning that the girl, too, was an "odd duck" on her grandmother's leash. Great job, Steven!