Tuesday, April 2, 2013

VisDare: Atmospheric

My hat goes off to all those people who do VisDare week in and week out with the same story...  It's not as easy as it looks and it took me multiple attempts to come up with one this week to continue the story from the last two weeks.  Whorl (part 1) -  Waiting (part 2)

So, yeah, if you haven't read my last two visdare's you will probably want to read them before this one.  :)

(Click the picture to go to Angela's page and check out all the other entries to this weeks VisDAre!!  I Dare you!  go for it, some great reading there!)

He knew the water was there hidden by the fog, he could imagine hands reaching up through the bleak shadows wanting to pull him down.

“Thought I would find you here.”

He turned.  He had left the bar at last call and was surprised, they had talked most of the night but he never thought he would see her again.  “How?”  She pulled the bonnet down covering her multicolored hair, “you said this was your spot, where you came to clear your head when the thoughts became too overwhelming.”

“I haven’t been home.”

“I would think not,” she leaned against the rail beside him, “It’s beautiful, the smell…okay the smell isn’t that much better than the bar but still beautiful.”

He never saw it the night before but now in the morning light, through his own sleepless haze he noticed her smile for the first time.  “I’m Alan.”


(149 Words)


  1. this has made me smile :-) please keep writing Alan And Kimberly's story I want to know what happens next!

  2. So very sweet. What started as so bleak and incidental is lilting into a beautiful opening to...something. Lovely work, Steven. Always love it when you toss a VisDare into the ring. :)