Tuesday, March 19, 2013

VisDare 11: Whorl

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           “Been sitting there almost two hours and you’ve barely touched your drink.”

Everything was distorted.  His head on the bar he looked through the glass of beer only inches away.  “I’m lost in my thoughts, stuck really.”  He lifted his head pulling the drink around in front of him and everything was still out of focus.  The bar tender was his type, at least a half dozen noticeable tattoos and her short multi-colored hair pulled back into a pony tail showing the half dozen piercings in her two ears and her lip.  But he had barely noticed her.

“Get lost there a lot do you?”

“It’s a cloudy, confusing place,” he took a drink of his beer; he hated the taste but hoped it would give him an ounce of courage.  “I have all the answers but not the right one.”

“It’s a girl?”

He smiled, “it’s always a girl.”

(150 words)


  1. Wow. Nice twist on the prompt! I don't think anyone has used it as a glass distortion yet - and the atmosphere and conversation surrounding it fits so well. Love the way you drew in the extended pun on your own blog name with this one. Great work, Steven! Always love to see what you put out. :)

  2. I LOVE this entry! And I love the last line. :) Great job