Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower - With a Kiss

I'd like to Congratulate my dear friend Anna and her future husband Micheal on their coming nuptials   I wish you the best and all the happiness in the world!

Title:  With a Kiss
Author:  Steven Paul Watson
Ebook: Yes

“I do not believe she is coming my lord.”

Prince Elijah had counted to thirteen when the sound of the stone bouncing off of other hard surfaces followed by the faint sound of water reached him.  He glanced out to the distant horizon, the ocean drowned in the orange and reds of the setting sun.  He knew it would not be long, “She will be here.”

“And if she does not show?”

“All that awaits us is fire and death if I am wrong.  With it my father’s best laid plans.” Elijah missed his mail and boiled leathers, the silk and cotton attire he now wore felt unnatural.  Most of all he missed his sword.

“The coming winter will cause pause, if the wedding does not occur then the storms may allow additional negotiations,” the guardsman stated. 

“We hold numbers over them,” a second guardsman stated.

“Numbers are not an advantage in this campaign.  There is no mistake at wars end whose blood will boil and lands will be fertilized with the deceased,” he turned.  The other men were dressed in their plate and mail armor with horses at their sides.

“If your father heard you speak in such a manner…” the second guardsman spoke swiftly.

“I have many times over, and he always neglected my advice until now,” Elijah smiled.

“Why are you so confident my prince, why do you believe she will come and honor the arrangement?” the first guardsman questioned.

“I was still a boy in every way but age when I first met Princess Elisha.  The moment I saw her, my life was changed forever.  My heart beat in a way it had never before and has not since.  Only a few years younger than me, bluest of eyes and brightest of smile more beautiful than anything I had seen.  I believe she will come because I asked.”

“And if she does not?” the second guardsman tone remained cynical.

He picked another stone from the ground giving a last fleeting look at the sun now closing on the black waters.  It was a chance for him to gather his thoughts before he answered, “Then I will know I tried.  That is all I can ask of myself, for once I did what for so long I let fear stop.”  He twirled the rock around his fingers, “If she does not show I will be no more important than this stone lost in the pit of rocks and water below.  Without her there is no meaning to life.  I have known this much since that warm spring day with a kiss on my cheek.  I did not volunteer my life to wed merely to stop a war.”

He released the rock and again counted but lost his concentration for the loud commotion behind him.  He turned in time to see five dragons of variant colors land.

Elijah could not hide his smile as he watched her dismount her dragon with its green vibrant scales.  She pushed the short strawberry blond hair from her eyes as she approached.  She still wore the armor of war, stained with the blood of his brethren from battles of the past weeks.  Her sword hung to her hip, but none drew his gaze from her eyes as she approached.  Her lips, a light shade of blue, curved in a mischievous grin.    

“The sun is nearly set, Princess Elisha.” 

“I am never late, my husband to be.  This you will learn in time.”

He stepped closer running a hand down the side of her face until it rested under her chin and they shared a smile.  He leaned in for a kiss but she pulled away not allowing their lips to meet.  He knew then, just as before she had all the control.  She closed the distance and kissed him.  The crowd cheered, dragons roared but he heard none of it over his own beating heart.  With a kiss a kingdoms fate was sealed, most of all the emptiness in his heart was gone.

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  1. The story of Elijah and Elisha is something kind of dear to me, I plotted it last fall as possible a project to write with someone. And it never came to be. It was meant as a story of love and conquering all obstacles. And it was also to be a story sort of in the same of Once Upon a time, with a fantasy story from his point of view. And a more modern tale of mystery from hers... I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to writing it now.

    And I wish nothing but the best to Anna and Micheal. A long happy marriage full of love and happiness.

  2. A magical tale that I hope your able to return too. :)

  3. Lovely! Really felt his love for her, and love that he acknowledged that she had control. A story from a male perspective on love is always refreshing!

  4. I do enjoy seeing a males perspective on romances and wedding. You have done very well Steven, there was just enough 'gush' to keep me going and I enjoyed the characters. :-)

  5. This is beautiful, very evocative and a beginning of a feisty and passionate love! Really enjoyed this Steven!

  6. This is a wonderful fairy tale! And princess who rides a dragon is a legit! Beautifully done.

    p.s. *heart* your name choices

  7. I love your writing anyway and was looking forward to your entry. You have not disappointed. I love hearing from his point of view, the lack of control, the waiting. A really romantic flow too. xx

  8. I think this would be great as a longer piece, although it worked very well as a short piece. I'd love to see the characters and the conflict in more detail. :-)