Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's talk about Werewolves!

Let’s talk about Werewolves! 

Today I threw myself back into editing Howling Moon. I haven’t made any progress really since I got feedback from my beta and realized I was going to have to go all the way back over the novel again.  We all know I hate editing right?  Right???  This will be the third time since the first of December I’ve gone over this manuscript and I realize now I probably should have gotten someone else to look at it after I went over it the first time.  Okay, I did want to ask someone…and tried throwing the hint out there but was afraid to ask that person.  Because after my first go over I knew at least it was complete with no gaping holes in the story.  Though saying that there has been some stuff I’m going to change as I’m going over it this time and fix the couple problems I have with the story.  Okay, not problems as much as a couple nitpicks I have with the final five chapters of the book.  After all, I have to be 100% satisfied with it or I will always have these nerves about others reading it.  And why should anyone else like it if I still have those doubts. 

Okay, this topic isn’t about my novel as much as I’m seeking opinions.  Opinions on types of werewolves.  It isn’t going to sway my opinion or even the type of Were which is in Howling Moon.  That is set in stone, err, on paper anyways.  I’m just more curious to see who prefers what types…

Type One:  The Wolfman -  the most classic but also probably the least used.

(Picture is from 2009's The Wolfman, don't own the picture)

Type Two:  The Hybrid – And I’ll admit, this one has always been my favorite.  And it’s the one I’m most familiar with.  Prime examples such as Underworld, The Howling, Bad Moon, Silver Bullet, Dog Soldiers, etc.
(From 2002's Dog Soldiers, don't own the picture)

Type Three (and my least favorite):  The wolf – The version of the werewolf which is most popular now days…  Examples – Twilight, True Blood, even the new Hemlock Grove on Netflix. 
(From HBO's True Blood, don't own the picture)

I know there are other types, Ginger Snaps I’m looking at you…

Another question, favorite werewolf movie?

And for anyone interested…sometime this summer I will have a blog begging for betas for this novel…  Just have to wait and see (that is if I get through this edit, :) )  And if you are curious about more information on this story, check this blog entry out:  Be Inspired Blog Hop:  Howling Moon


  1. I.m no expert but the new wolf trend seems less werewolf and more changling. I like the hybrid myself. And would LOVE to beta for you this summer :)

  2. Love werewolves but the proper ones, the hybrid. They have to be mean, vicious, sexy - both the males and females. Love the whole pack mentality and I always get a kick out of the way that they change, I love how that comes across in writing, have even dabbled with it myself. I can't really pick a favourite film as I always get more out of my imagination and have never seen on film what I see in my head, though the ones you mentioned above for hybrids are all great films. If you need betas please please call on me, it would be great to read an original werewolf story.