Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mid-Week Blues Buster Week 10

So, it's been awhile :)  And I'm getting this in just before it ends for the week.   Click the picture to check out all of the other entries to this weeks Mid-Week blues Buster.

Cassidy took her friends advice, if she was going to get a true feel for Louisiana she had to spend time in the country.  She needed to get a real idea for her newest horror romance novel about a Were-Panther and his bride to be.  She knew more than most living in Atlanta, but born in the country, there was more to life than what was seen in the cities.  She wanted to see the real flavor of the Cajun atmosphere.

The young man who had told her about the ball seemed charming enough with his deep dark brown eyes.  She was quick to take notes on his odd pupils when she was back in her car, they were odd in a way she would spend a lot of time describing them in her next novel.  They were perfect for her lead. 

She had searched for the Voodoo Eclipse on the web and knew immediately it was something she wanted to experience.  Once a month on the full moon the club would host a swinging dance, costumes of many varieties and she could only imagine what would happen when the moon was high and the patrons were as well.

It was harder for her to find something to wear.  She couldn’t just stroll into the club with her hair back in a ponytail with t-shirt and jeans.  She didn’t want to stand out having seen the pictures posted on the website.  Something she couldn’t help but smile about, there was a map to the club as they made it clear most gps would only get her lost.

The thrift shop she found was a blessing, mostly for the long flowing white dress, it was a size too big and longer than she wanted.  A quick trim with scissors took care of the length and a couple well placed over sized belts fixed the rest of her look.  She was lucky, she had packed her favorite boots and though they looked out of place with most outfits but with stocking and the dress she felt happy as she peered in the mirror.

“This isn’t real…”

She felt like she had stepped into the pages of a novel, the front yard had two large full willow trees.  The club itself looked like an old plantation home, lights strung across the porch and into the yard making a walkway.  She crossed the yard and as she walked up the screaming steps the man appeared from the shadows.  She had not seen him before but he startled her as she reached the top.  He never said a word or even looked her in the eye as he opened the door.

Cassidy was just as shocked by the inside, the long stairway just inside the front door but to its left was a dance floor filled with dancers.  She couldn’t contain her amusement, mouth open there was a band across the room on a small stage jumping and dancing and having a good time.  She could barely make out the music all her senses were on fire one after another grabbed at her demanding attention.  She could smell the sweet candles as they hung high but she couldn’t identify the scents but it was not long before she again found herself starring.  The women in their sleek dresses swinging with their partners in their pressed clothing and none of them gave her even a glance as she circled about the room.  She had finally closed her mouth but forcefully held there as she could not stop biting her lower lip.  With each step she felt her heart in her throat.  It was magnificent.

He stepped into her path, leaning on his cane she slowly looked up into his eyes.  He was much taller than her, frighteningly so.  But the eyes were familiar and she knew them immediately.  Though he was much older than the boy who had told her about the club the odd pupils were distinctive.  He starred down into her and he smiled showing his enlarged canines.  She felt her heart stop in the fright of the moment, she felt as if she had stepped into another world.  

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