Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Because I am wanting to do something different for this blog in the upcoming year...  At one time in 2012 there was a plan, idea placed in my head to write something ongoing (well, this was with someone at the time).  But I'm revisiting that idea...

I'm debating writing a series of ongoing flash fiction pieces continuing from of my past pieces....

I'm talking probably one entry a month for half a year...or maybe the year.  Around 1000 words a piece... (little over or under, no set word length).

The two I picked:

London in the Skies   (For you Steampunk fans....)


Flower Blossom   (For you straight futuristic sci fi fans )

I don't know which I want to do yet...  And I'm not really putting it to a vote or anything but curious which one my readers would like to see more of.  I'll have to come to a decision on which it'll be by the 10th or so of January so i can try an get one up by the end of that month...


  1. My first reaction was to write: More of any of your writing, just MORE! But, I know sometimes these things are as simply decided as that :)) So, I really enjoyed both of these pieces but if I had to choose, I'd most like to see more steam punk from you. It's a unique form and your emotion-based writing is served well by the genre. Just my thoughts :)) Big hugs!

  2. I have to pick one??? I love both ideas and being a fan of both genres, I'd like to see them both lengthened. Can't wait to see which you pick. :)

  3. I'd like to see both too, but Jaclyn Ripper is fascinating... and I am a huge steampunk fan!