Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Unexpected Storm

No Prompt....was just hit with a bit of inspiration this morning and felt like posting it....  Don't own the picture, found it on goggle.  :)

Unexpected Storm

Snow fell at a perfect speed; the forecast had only called for overcast skies and a chance of flurries.  None were prepared for the coat that now covered the land with no stop in sight.  Ice and snow clung to the trees making everything glisten in the sunlight as it fought to melt the chill but only made it stand stronger in its stubbornness.

Red hair clung to pale skin and redder lips bit at the cold with a smile of innocence.  She kicked at the snow with ill fitted unlaced boots, watching it dust over the nearby bushes.  She tugged at her white dress with exposed sleeveless arms, keeping the slip of fragile cloth from dragging at the snow, the cold air drifted up her bare legs and the exposed snarling wolf tattoo.  She always did enjoy winter. 

She fought at the giggle as the sound of squealing tires broke her from the wonderment of the falling snow, a glance back to her home.  She still remembered his words, how he needed to get back to her.  Her lips smiled exposing teeth with delight; it was to be a snow day for all as her eyes looked on with devilish intent.  

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