Friday, December 21, 2012

Bad Santa Blog Hop: Twelve Drinks

Bad Santa Blog Hop:  Twelve Drinks

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The smell of bourbon was almost as intoxicating as the taste; Nick’s eleventh glass still wet his lips as he turned catching the attention of the waitress with his hearty smile.  Only four others were being entertained all dressed the same as him.  He turned, the song “Santa Baby” played over the speakers.  The dancer paid little attention to him even though he had tossed a couple fifties to her knee high leather boots with too large heels that sounded like reindeer on the rooftop to him.  Her outfit was in the holiday spirit, a red skirt and top lined with white fluff, green stockings and matching red top.  He smiled at the fake elf ears the girl had been wearing.  Her hair was in a short Mohawk of multiple colors, and he couldn’t help but to count the tattoos, at least six visible from where he sat.
“Wasting your time with that one,” Nick turned as a man took a seat beside him.  “She may look easy but she is about as much fun as a nun.”  The man laughed, his Santa outfit was stained with what Nick could only figure was the morning’s breakfast and vodka. 
“She has a name, Carrie and you should walk a mile in her shoes,” Nick turned back giving a last glance to the performer who gave him a questioning smile.
“Ah, my heart is bleeding.”
                Nick gave the waitress a glance as she handed his twelfth and final drink, the waitress was barely gone when he swallowed it down with a smile.  “It should, you've pissed away your life, gambling, cheating, and being a general ass and karma finally caught you.”   A look of shock and then anger took over his face as he stood knocking his stool over.  A sloppy punch easily dodged by Nick, a quick snap of his free hand slammed the drunken Santa’s head into the stage and he fell to the floor unconscious.  Nick glanced around the room and everyone watched but none made a move.  He knelt picking the roll of money the drunk had dropped and quickly tossed it to the stage.  One last glance to see everyone had returned to their evening before he smiled and left the back exit.  His carriage and the night full of adventure waited. 


Carrie walked from the club only giving a last peek to the bouncer as he slammed the door shut not wasting time to be sure if she made it to her car.  The tear had just started to fall when she stuck the key in the door, it was Christmas Eve and she could not wait to get home to her son.  She could not wait to see his smile when she arrived home but dreaded his disappointed the next morning to the empty Christmas tree.    Her heart nearly stopped as she took a seat and looked in the rear view mirror, she quickly turned to see the back seat filled with gifts.

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  1. Wonderful!! This Bad Santa has a soft side!! Love it!! :)

  2. Really enjoyed how you brought it back around to "real" Santa. Nicely done, Steven :))) Glad to see you participating in this challenge. Hope you'll join in some others too :))

    1. Thanks Jo Anne :)

      Well, I coudn't have him totally bad....I tried. And each time he came back to having a little good in him. :)

  3. I loved that, wasn't sure what he'd do, but you sprinkled magic in those last few words! beautiful!

  4. I am such a sap for this Bad Santa.

  5. Aw, he's a good santa really. Heartwarming - and fantastically written!

  6. Nicely done. Strippers are people too. Merri Christmas is up next on stage. ;)

  7. Now there's the Christmas spirit! Much as I love the bad Santas, I'm a sucker for a happy Christmas ending. :)