Monday, August 6, 2012

I won! ....sorta

I won an award for my entry (Night in Vegas) in Emmie Mears End of the World Flash Fiction challenge…

I’m not sure it is one I want to brag about or anything, but there it is.  I will admit to having bad habit of waiting until the last minute sometimes to get my flash fiction entries done.  Something I guess I need to work on.  Be sure to swing by and check out all the other entries (and mine can be voted on as a reader’schoice award).


  1. It was a fab entry! So glad you made it in by the skin of your teeth!

  2. It wasn't really a skin of the teeth thing, lol...I had planned to give out that badge to the last entrant as a thanks for pushing through and getting it done, but you actually had yours in hours before the deadline. :) Not so procrastination-filled as it connotes. And I LOVED your entry, by the way. I went back and forth between yours and Stacy's for the Survivor Badge -- I really liked the irony of thwarted love and a snapshot of something so believable. So fold that up into your 00:00:01 Badge. :D