Monday, July 30, 2012

End of the World Challenge: Night in Vegas

Night in Vegas by Steven Paul Watson (@ashviper)

“It’s not the end of the world.” Derek smiled warmly at her.

 Cameron had been his best friend since high school and, despite his soon to be ex-wife’s jealousy, they had remained in touch for the four years of his marriage. She was the first person he called when his wife told him she wanted a divorce and was seeing someone else. Derek jumped on the first available plane, landed in Vegas before he knew it without telling another person what was going on in his life or where he was going. 

Cameron brushed her dark straight hair across her shoulders and sat across from him on the bed. She smiled as she pushed the wine bottle into his hands. It was the same trademark smile she had greeted him with at the airport.

“To brighter days ahead,” Cameron promised. 

He took a drink from the bottle and quickly wiped the excess from his lips before he again stared into her light brown eyes. He had never thought of her as anything but a friend, but now he found his eyes drifting to her lips.

Derek started to speak, but before a single word could be said her hand was there on his lips. He sat there stunned by her movements as she crawled into his lap to wrap her legs around his waist.
She moved in slowly and kissed him, he could taste the cherry Chap Stick she always wore and could feel her hands clasp around the back of his neck.  “I have wanted to do that since graduation.”

“You never said anything…”

“I did. Maybe not with words, but I told you in every way I knew how.”

Derek smirked as their eyes once again met, he was unsure of how he had felt about her. All this time he never knew; she was always the friend he went to when he needed advice. The one he went to when he was down. Derek slowly ran his hand down her face, to her chin and across her lips and smiled. He could see it now, her eyes, same look in her eyes he could remember from all those years ago. He leaned forward again kissing her lips, but she pulled away with a smile causing him to bite his own lip in anticipation. She pushed into him only stopping when he was on his back and she on top of him, again they kissed and she pulled away biting on his lower lip with a hint of a laugh.

Sirens erupted, the hotel room shook from the sound alone. They quickly untangled their bodies from each other and moved from the bed to the large window. Nothing looked any different from their view so high up in the hotel, crowds of people in the streets walked, shambled, moved swiftly through the streets. But still the sirens continued to scream.

(482 words)

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