Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friday Night Write: C'mon Talk

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“I’m not going to apologize…”  It was the only time the southern came out in that one word, and she didn’t say it often.  She so rarely had a reason to apologize.  And this was one of those times she had nothing to be sorry for, it was all on him. 

“Come on talk to me…”  Her blue eyes pierced through him and all he could do was smile.  “It’s a simple question; what are you thinking?  I just want to know what is going on behind those eyes.”  Frustration was building in her voice; her smile was less evident and more serious now. 

Again he smiled even looked away from her for a moment before he brought his own eyes back to meet hers.  It was anything but a simple question, and she knew that.  He had let her in, past all the walls he thought he had built up to keep people out only to find others constructed. To keep people from knowing the person he truly was, because to let people in was to give people a way to hurt him. 

“You’re right,” he said, with his smirk of a smile as she looked away, instantly his hand found her chin raising her gaze back to his own.  “There is always something going on up here, I am never thinking about just one thing, at times it borders on a dozen or more things running circles around my head.”  He stepped in closer to her and smiled.  “I have never met anyone like you.  I never planned to feel this way, to let you in.  I even tried to find a way out, to not feel this way.  I am never going to say truer words to you.  I love you.  When we are apart, you are always there on my mind.  But when I am with you, looking at you, talking with you, you are the only thing on my mind.”

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