Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Scarlet

Five Sentence Fiction – Scarlet
Her jeep sat in the same place it had when he left for work that morning;  he knew something was up as normally her days off are spent on the beach, the local café absorbed in her laptop writing, or at the bookstore seeking the latest mystery novel.  He walked through the door and straight into the kitchen where his eyes drifted to the stack of congratulatory cards; they were still arriving though the wedding was four months past.  When he made his way to the second floor he immediately saw the paint cans cluttering the end of the hallway outside their office; the room where they spent many hours, where one wall was covered in book shelves, another with trinkets and mementos of their past and dual desks centering the room.  Entering he was greeted by newly red walls, a woman with as much paint on her clothing as the walls, and his favorite thing in the world, her smile, “You like?”  He instantly noticed her eyes, the deepest of blue as they drifted off from him telling him all he needed to know, she hated it, he quickly replied the best way he knew how pulling her tightly into his arms and a simple kiss on the forehead.

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  1. Goodness this is so you :) Love it!!

  2. So romantic!I love their togetherness and the way he deals with the situation of best say nothing at all. xxx