Monday, August 6, 2012

Lists and Goals for 2012

            Is it really August already???  Really hard to believe as this year seems to be flying by.  A lot has changed, and a lot going on in my life especially of late.  I can't remember a time, especially recently, where I have been as up beat and happy as I currently am.
          At the first of the year I made a goals list for 2012, just like I have so many times in the past.  Though this year’s list was bigger than any previous years coming in at twelve, with several others back ups for the list.    Plus I have the bonus of a second list, of “22 things” that I could do now (started by Angie Richmond, you should check out her blog and her art).  I figured with the year half gone; it is a good time to take a look at those two lists to see just where I am at.
            Of the twelve goals, as of now I have only been able to knock one off the list.  To complete a rough draft of a new idea, I literally just did that with JuNoWriMo (click here for a sneak peak at that).  Of the others on the list, several are actually close to complete.  I had a goal of reading eight books, I just finished my fifth a couple weeks back so I should have no problem knocking this one off.  I am only fifteen pounds away from my weight goal for the year (even if I don’t reach it, I still consider this a win;  in the past year and two months I have lost around 53 pounds).  I am positive I will complete several others in the next six months.
            There are two things on the list of twelve I can pretty much mark out as ‘fail’.  First is “WiP 500”.  I kept pace for the first month and half but after that I fell into a writing slump, a slump I did not get out of until June.  The other is one I just never got around to doing and that was to go see an Eastern Kentucky Drillers game (arena football).

            The 22 things list is a bit different as they are not really goals but a list of things I could be doing now, no excuses.
            So the first two things on my list - to Draw/Paint more, and I have been successfully doing this.  Really only the one thing completed, and a couple sketches in different levels of completion.  But just doing that much is an improvement over how much I’ve done over the past few years. 

            3/4 – to run the extra mile/exercise more, and I was doing really well with this one up until the heat got to us.
            7 – Confess my thoughts/feelings…yes I will admit it has lead to less over thinking...  And my have a direct influence on my current happiness.  ;)
            9 – Take a compliment – I think I am much better t this.
            12 – Take more photographs – If you follow me on Facebook you know this one I have been doing a lot of.
            13 – Edit!  UGH!!!  Do I need to say any more about this one?  But really I have made some progress on my Steampunk novel since the first of July but not as much as I would like.  And it is entirely my own fault.  I just can't seem to break through and get into editing at the moment.
            15 – Call, talk on the phone – This is another I can count in the yes category, especially the past month.

            That is really the only ones I have anything to say about….  


  1. Well done on your goals so far! Makes me want to back and review mines now :) congratulations on all your weight loss, too, that's amazing and you should be proud of yourself!

  2. I should check back on my 22 Things list...It's good to have goals in sight, so well done on yours, hope I can tick some of my list off too!