Monday, August 6, 2012

Blog Flash Day #6: Reading

Blog Flash 2012

Blog Flash 2012 Day #6:  Reading

Her uncle pulled away after their hug, he was not an easy man to read.  She had not spent enough time around him to know his tells.  “What aren’t you telling me?”

He paused with a sigh, “they found your friend Ashley this morning…”

Miranda paused, “And you thought it was me?”  She could hear Ashley’s laugh even now.

“They are looking for you it is only a matter of time before they find you.”

Miranda crossed the room, Blue at her heels; she picked the sheath of her weapon from the carpet.  “And I’ll be ready for them.”

(99 Words)


  1. Thank you again for taking part, Steven. I'm enjoying these posts!

  2. I love this take on the prompt!! Hard to read!! :)