Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bells in the Rain (Visual Dare)

My flash fiction for this weeks Visual Dare!

Anne-Lynn stood with her forehead on the glass; the bells rang in her ears as she watched the rain pour down on the other side.  She bounced her ring finger on the glass and smiled each time it made the bells chime. 

“Miss you.  Miss you so much.”  She whispered as she closed her eyes.  Again she bounced the ring against the glass and smiled through the tears.  It had been years since the car accident, she still remembered his mother’s voice filled with hesitation, dread, and sorrow.  The accident was two days after he proposed. 

(96 Words)


  1. Steven, sorry I didn't read this until tonight. Heartbreaking, well told story. The tapping of her finger and the little mantra. SO beautiful. I hope there is romance in steampunk!

  2. so lovely! Loved the tapping of the ring to chime the bells.