Sunday, April 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 04/29/2012 (Howling Moon)

I do not own the rights to the photo/art, but thought it was very cool and fitting.  Okay, so I haven't posted anything for Six Sentence Sunday in awhile and felt like it's a good time to revisit my Howling Moon (click for the previous six sentence Sunday entry from Howling Moon).

The wet mist splashed across her face, she raced through the damp forest dodging, jumping, sliding under slashing limbs, broken branches and collapsed dead ends.  Dying greens, vibrant oranges and violent reds filled her path the forest was becoming dark even on the brightest of days with each passing sunrise the forest sacrificed to the birth of winter.  The ground under her feet moist and soft from days of rain and the air chilled with the hint of snow in the near future but none slowed her progress.  The taste of fresh blood and flesh on her tongue wet her appetite for more; her heart hungered for another hunt.  A hunt of a different sort, the chase of a prey just as dangerous as she, ached for the adrenaline rush of pure brutal violence.  The blood lust given only from pain as her heart raced and her mind questioned her reasons.  

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