Sunday, February 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday : Howling Moon

I do not own the rights to the photo but thought it was very cool.  This weeks Six Sentence Sunday is from my werewolf novel Howling Moon.  Still working on editing it, but hope you enjoy.  

She could hear it stir behind her no rush in its movement as it stalked its quarry.  Emily’s face soaked with tears, mud and sweat as she stumbled to the road, for a brief moment she tried to run.  A few steps into her sprint she fell to the hard rough pavement with a thud jarring her entire body.  “Why,” she muttered, she wasn’t sure if she even made a sound beyond a whimper. 
Her side still ached; she ran a hand down and could feel the sticky wet texture on her clothing.  She did not have to see it to know it was her own blood from a bite sending a shrill scream to escape her lungs.   


  1. poor Emily! Scary scene Steven, nicely set up!

  2. Thanks you two. So many dark scenes in this story...I don't know if I'll post any more in the future. Or for quite some time. I don't plan on going back and editing it until I get done with one of my others.