Monday, February 18, 2013

VisDare 7 Secret

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“Do you trust me?”

A hard question to answer, might as well be asking if I love you.  “I think I do,” it’s not a complete lie.

“What’s in the box?”  I don’t have to look to see where her fingers point.   

“It’s empty.”  I can see by the look she doesn’t believe me but it is true, it’s a locked empty box.  I notice the oddness, the way she has been acting since the painting.  I don’t blame her truly.  I know how I am.  I’ve been broken.  I was happy being alone, invisible, never trusting anyone completely.  Until the other.  The only person I ever trusted completely with who I am.  And I thought I had found a reason to believe in love.  To be the foolish romantic.  And then she proved me wrong once again.  Now, the loneliness is killing me even when I’m not alone.  

(149 Words)

(This can be viewed as a follow up to last weeks Vis Dare:  Emerging)

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  1. Smooth and haunting. You creep into those somber dark corners of the soul so very well...