Sunday, February 10, 2013

VisDare 6: Emerging

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I want to smile.  He walks up behind her, kisses the side of her neck. 

I want to scream.

“Except…her eyes, everything is a perfect comparison….but my eyes are green.”

Your hair is also a brighter shade of red.

“Her eyes are blue.”

Because they’re not your eyes I want to say, they are hers.  The one he thinks about when he isn’t with you, the one he knows he can’t have.  He looks for only a moment before he twirls her to face him with a half-smile.

“I’ll fix it.”

He lies.  Not the one, like the drugs and alcohol, she is nothing but another dragon for him to chase.  I watch as he pulls her close with a kiss.  I want to scream but know tonight I will go to him.  And he will smile as he looks into the eyes of the one he wants.


  1. Steven - this is, as Bo says, very chilling. Nicely done!! I knew this kind of picture would start your imagination. :))

    Always glad to see you posting new flash fiction.

  2. Chilling, indeed. Monsters come in all guises....