Saturday, January 12, 2013

Unexpected Turn

Yes, this is a small continuation of Unexpected Storm.

(Found the picture on the net)

She crossed the snow covered yard, her tracks the only sign of life as she came to the icy road.  He continued to try to spin his way out of the small incline of the drive but he was only sliding further into captivity.  Devon with arms crossed against her chest felt the sun on her face and she could almost hear his curses over the roar of the engine.  Her eyes opened when the screaming of tires stopped and she watched as he exited his truck slamming the door in anger.  “I don’t think you are going anywhere Hun.”

He stopped giving her a wide eyed look of annoyance, “she is going to kill me.”

“As she should.”

“Don’t start.”

“You knew this day was coming, sooner or later you would get caught.”

Devon arrived at the back of the truck just as he approached the tailgate inspecting the rut his truck had slid into.  She stepped in front of him as he tried to circle away from her.  “Stop.”

She smiled her devilish grin as she stepped closer to him.  “Why?”

“I have to go…I love her.”

“If you loved her, you would not be here with me.”

“This is just…”

“This is just what?  Sex?”   Devon placed her hand on the side of his face.  “If you loved her like you claimed, you would not find a reason to come to me…”

“This is over…”

Devon slowly brought her hand down the side of his face, fingernails grazing the skin harder until she reached his chin and pulled fiercely cutting into flesh.  She bit down on her lower lip fighting against the smile and giggle as he pulled away.

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  1. I don't know where I'm going with this....or how many of them I'll write. :)