Friday, August 3, 2012

Blog Flash Day #3: Color

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Blog Flash Day #3:  Color

Lost in Blue’s big brown eyes;  he whined until she finally lifted him from the dark floors, and stood holding him against her black t-shirt as he tried for a kiss.  His spots looked blue in the bright sunlight of the room.

“Want a treat?”

Blue yelped, not yet able to bark.  Setting her weapon on the counter she pulled the drawer of multi-colored soft treats open. 

“Sorry things have been strange, Blue.”

Glass shattered, bright colors filled the room, and she heard the intruder’s soft steps but still could not see him for the blindness.

(96 Words)

We will see how long I can keep this up, I'm going to try and have all 30 entries one story...

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  1. Oh no! An intruder - is her weapon out of her reach! Going to have to tune in tomorrow and find out!!

    So excited you're going for a series!! :)