Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blog Flash Day #2: A Furry Friend

Blog Flash 2012

A Furry Friend -

The absence of thought, only reflex, she spun to her feet with the katana lifted high and ready to strike at her opponent’s.  She took a deep breath removing the blindfold and dropping to one knee twirling the long blade behind her back in the process. With a big grin her brown eyes met another’s.  “Dangerous game you are playing Blue.”

The small puppy released a small anxious growl; its head twisted to one side and began to wag its tail.  Tiny legs began to fidget in excitement at Miranda’s out reached hand before it lunged forward to her knees.

(100 words)


  1. Beautifully set up, could just see her melting as the pup jumped up!

  2. Great follow up to day one! Love the photo.

  3. Yay, tiny cuddly puppy!! Such a cute photo too!! :)