Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Composure

Five Sentence Fiction – Composure

He had broken from a momentary hesitation when he pushed the button on the elevator, he felt his throat seize and was unsure if he would even be able to speak when the moment came.   Voices in his head screaming out at him with not a single one of the dozen in agreement with any other and all fed to the growing conflict in his stomach.  With each passing floor the beep of the elevator echoed in his head, the static growing louder and more confused.  The doors opened, his nervousness shown on his red face as he stepped out in time to avoid the rush of others quick to retreat.  Slowly he walked down the hall coming to the desired door, lifted his hand ready to knock as he took a long deep breath and smiled…

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  1. wonderful Steven :)) We've all felt that feeling - you describe so well. Who is on the other side of the door, what will happen, what will change, a defining moment is about to occur. Well done you for putting it into words. ;)))

  2. Very nice... you lead the reader along well and make us want to know what happens next.

  3. I love this!! You did a terrific job of pulling us into that moment when you have to push past the doubt and just go for it!! :)

  4. I hate change, so those moments can be horrendous. You did a great job of describing those times of panic!