Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Forbidden Love: Shooting Stars, Broken Heart!

Forbidden Love:  Shooting Stars, Broken Heart!

Lucas swung in the hammock and looked up at the shooting stars; he was on his fifth drink and far from done.  The glorious sight over head was something he had only witnessed once before and made the feeling in his stomach bitter sweet. 

The last time so vivid in his mind, the same hammock, the big difference was Tessa.  It was one of the last days they spent together over four years prior.  The night ended with the only time the two ever kissed and he still remembered her voice, “I’m in love with you”.  They had only been just friends before then and he didn’t realize what was in front of him.  He loved her but he was not sure he loved her in the way she needed him too. 

Lucas pulled the invitation from its flashy envelop once more.  “You are cordially invited to the wedding of Mr. Joshua Scotch and Tessa Daniels”.  His heart sunk each time he had read it; it was closer to the hundredth time now instead of the first.  They had remained friends all these years and he knew this day was coming.  He was truly happy for her.  He studied the picture of the happy couple and then back to the hand written note for him inside, he knew it was her own hand writing.

Lucas set the invitation back inside the envelop and took another drink feeling another round of tears swell.  He would not go to the wedding.  He did not trust himself to be there and not say something when it was asked if anyone objected.  He truly wanted her to be happy.  She was more than just a friend, she was the one he foolishly let get away...

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  1. Such a heartbreaking story of letting love slip through your fingers! Nice job :) Thank you for entering!!!!

    1. Thank you. :) and it was either enter....or have you pester me for two more nights about not having one up.... :D :p Just kidding....slightly.

  2. Oh Steven, beautifully done...and in particular, the last sentence in the second paragraph - heartwrenchingly wonderful. You are a true romantic. Don't ever turn away from these themes in your whatever writing you do. You portray these feelings with such truth.

  3. You have such a terrific way of getting right to the heart of the matter. I want to know what was in that handwritten note!!

    Thanks so much for joining the hop!! :)

  4. I want to know what was in the hand-written note too!
    So many of us have had relationships that 'might have been' and there will always be a tinge of 'I wonder...' about it that will never be answered. I can feel his loss, but I'm drawn to wonder how she might feel too...

  5. I have the feeling that they are meant ot be and one day their paths will cross. . . .Until then. Poor, poor Lucus but how is Tessa truely feeling. . I think the note will tell . . Excellent story from start to finish. xxx

  6. Damn, I wanted to read the note! This is so relatable for so many. The poor guy :(