Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Lost

Five Sentence Fiction -  Lost

Bradley paced back and forth, frantic, ever part of him screamed in anger and it felt like his heart was going to explode from his chest.  He ran his hands through his short hair in frustration how could he have lost it, he had torn his way through his apartment and it looked like a tornado had been there in his place.  Weeks Bradley had planned this evening, a full moon lingered overhead outside and the night air was just right for a moon lit stroll through the park and he had already went by the small bridge and hid the single lily.  He looked at his watch once more, ’10:01’, he knew Maria would be there in less than an hour as she was always early but it didn’t matter if he couldn’t find it.  The door bell chimed, he thought his heart had stopped that very moment but it was the shock he needed, and he knew the small black velvet box was in the cookie jar waiting for him all along. 

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  1. Wow! His panic was so real I started to freak out with him! So glad the box wasn't lost after all!! :)

  2. Aw, Steven you did it again, you romantic fellow you! :)) Really liked the buildup!

  3. Wonderfully done. Now, what's important here, I think, is what's inside that small box ;)