Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest: One Chance

One Chance

Dexter moved through the thick under growth every vine, limb, and root stabbing out at his armor.  His hand rested on the pommel of his sword, he did not expect danger or hostility, his journey was not one of war. His quest was one of mending. 
A wise shaman told him where he could find the tomb, a secret only a few held.  But the old man saw the pain in Dexter and deemed him worthy of an audience.  He told him the way, once and only once it was for him to remember every detail.
He crept through the lavish green forest, closer and closer he could hear the waterfall.  Until he was there, he smiled for the first time in months.  His heart skipped, the most life he had felt within his chest in recent memory.  He could hardly contain his excitement as he rushed to the waterfall and through to the secret path behind.  Even in the dark tunnel he had no problem seeing the carved face on the door, the tomb and his one wish awaited him.
“What is it you wish of me,” a voice called out the moment he laid his hand to the wooden face.
“A chance.” 
The face shifted its normal glum look to a smile. 
“Too prove love can prevail, that there is no obstacle to much for love, one solitary chance.”  He could almost see his loves face in the reflection on the wall and he smiled.
But the face quickly lost its own grin and showed only sorrow, “I can grant many things.  Wealth, fame…but the heart I can not control.”  He dropped to his knees immediately as the eyes closed, his heart again broken and tears fell as he knew there was nothing he could do.

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  1. Poignant and true. Ask any magic-user, love spells always backfire in the end because the heart is a different world.
    Beautifully done

  2. Oh I feel so sorry for him. You've done a wonderful job of writing out those strong emotions. I can feel his pain.

  3. Oh so sad, love slips for the last time through his grip. Wonderfully done.

  4. Oh so bittersweet, so like life. Well done!!

  5. You can feel the arc from hope to devastation in this. Love what you did with the picture.

  6. This is tragically romantic, well done. Thanks for entering, Steven.

  7. I felt his anticipation and his loss. bittersweet interpretation of the image

  8. Beautiful and bitterseeet. A lovely story.