Sunday, November 10, 2013

3VisD #1

*waves*  Hello out there... I know it has been awhile, but i'm still out here.  Work has been keeping me really busy and i've found it hard to find time to do any flash fiction challenges.  Or maybe I was blocked for awhile there and I used work as an excuse.  Either way, here I am.  It's also NaNoWrimo and I wish everyone who is participating the best of luck!  You can do it!

Go over to Anonymous Legacy to see the other entries to this weeks 3VisD!!  I started to work this into my nanowrimo...but instead, decided to do something different.  Which would have been easy, because these were easy images to write too!  I didn't include all three though.  Enjoy!

                He saw his reflection in the water, it was regal his mother would say.  His brown eyes were those of peace and love.  His mother was a rare sight to him but he always knew when she was there.  The flowers themselves would shine brighter with the happiness she radiated.

                “My prince.”  He turned to look at them, he could never see their faces for their hoods and he wondered if he could see into those shadows what would he see.  They spoke with an accent he had never heard and he had traveled all of the free lands from the borders of the elven forest to the valleys of trolls.  “The sun and the moons are nearly one,” he turned looking to the purple skies; the two moons were close to the sun closing in from each direction.  He had never witnessed such an event and his father said it was something only to occur every thousand years. 

                “Will this hurt?”  He knew he sounded weak and his father would not approve.

“Only for a moment.”  He could never tell which of the three spoke.

                “Thank you.”  He turned taking a deep breath lowering into the water, it felt more than hot, on the edge of boiling.  He stood, the water washing over his long hair and through his thick beard.  He glared upward as the dagger pierced his skull and he realized the priest lied as he screamed out in agony.  Felt as if his soul was being ripped from his body.  He turned, his vision went dark but he could still see.  He looked again to his reflection, gone was the handsome young man.  Looking back at him now was the bringer of death to the lands he once called home.

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  1. That was intense, a strong sense of dark foreboding.