Friday, May 17, 2013

Mid Week Blues Buster 13

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Unexpected Trip

David did not mind the walking.  He had been doing it for days knowing there would come a time when it would be too much.  For now he did not have the nerve to hitch.  The car sped past him by several feet before the turn signal lit up.  He recognized the car.  It was at the motel where he had spent the night and the small road side diner where he ate breakfast.  He had never seen the driver though.  It pulled off to the side with emergency blinkers flashing.    David stopped looking behind the way he came and part of him wanted to turn back.  He could see cigarette smoke escape the driver’s door just before the passenger door swung open…

“I’ve seen horror movies start this way,” he mumbled aloud.

He approached the door slowly peaking inside.  “Where are you heading?”  He remembered her now, the woman with the red hair and tight jeans a couple of the truckers had made rude comments toward but she never gave them a second look.


“Not a bad man are you, sugah?  My momma always warned me about those bad boys.  Of course she failed to mention to me they were the most fun.” 

He immediately thought her accent was from northern Georgia or southern Tennessee.  “I like to think not.”

“Throw your bag in the backseat and climb in,” she turned looking at him. Her lips were strawberry red, matching her wavy hair as it fell down on her shoulders.  Her face was thin with a sharp nose.  He noticed mostly her big green eyes, friendly eyes. 

“All right.”  He tossed his bag into the back seat before climbing into the passenger seat.  He glanced into the mirror on his side, heart still racing.  He knew this could have been a mistake, every story in his life that started with a beautiful woman ended in some sort of misery.  “Where are you from?”

“Chattanooga,” she replied.  “Heading to Vegas.”  She looked to him flashing her big smile.  He was certain of it now, this woman was trouble.  She was someone who could get almost anything she wanted with a flash of her smile.  “You?”

“Atlanta,” he replied. 

“Running to or from something?”

“Away from,” he replied.  He wanted to say from someone with a smile like yours.

She reached to the glove box opening it and his heart stopped when he saw the pistol, eyes wide he looked too her and then back to the glove box.  “Don’t worry, sweetie.”  She flipped around a moment until the badge was just as visible as the gun.  “You’re safe as can be.”  Federal Bureau of Investigations, but his heart still raced.  “What’s your name?”  He watched as she pulled a new pack of cigarettes out closing the door in the process.



They’d traveled the better part of the day when she pulled into the gas station, David was happy to get a chance to stretch his legs.  “Pump the gas for me will you.”  David circled to the driver’s door as Trisha messed around in the trunk and then headed into the station.

The trunk of the car squeaked open, and he let his curiosity get the best of him as he opened it further.  His heart nearly stopped.  The man was in suit, black and professional with his hands bound and gag in his mouth.  “Ah, sugah, hate to give you the wrong impression.”  He looked up to see Trisha with her arms crossed and big confident smile.  He looked back to the man with his cold blank expression; the felt of the trunk was covered in blood.  An open duffle bag at his back filled with money.  “That there is what happens to bad, bad men.”

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