Thursday, March 7, 2013

VisDare 10: Whimsy

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              Danny couldn’t stop; it had progressed beyond the smile and into laughter as he sat with his wooden sword across his lap.  The dozen snails crawled towards his outreached finger and the thoughts running through his 11 year old mind were nothing good. 

                All he had wanted was to see the elephants, but his older sister had refused.  Even though their parents had gave her permission to take him to the circus after his chores were completed.  Complete them he did, quest after quest he defeated the orcs and ghouls until all were gone.  All that remained was the great and powerful dragon.  To be victorious there he would need a steed worthy of the adventure.  An elephant with its great war tusks.

                Now the dragon would wait, there was a greater evil in the land, his wicked sister with a fear of snails.


  1. LOL!! A great snapshot into the mind of an imaginative young boy. His sister had better watch out!! The dragon can wait, indeed! Great voice, use of whimsy in the boy's perception of his world. Great entry! I know it's not your usual fare, but I really really like seeing these creative departures from you. :)

  2. 1st time reader, the delightful imagination of a child. His sister better watch out. Playful take on the prompt.

  3. Wonderful! Got really caught up with him and his sister's in trouble...