Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Visual Dare: Minimal

He took a drink of his tea, it was more water than tea and the taste was horrible.  He took a seat in his chair looking at the blank canvas in front of him.  The paint tray and water at his side he could not even force a smile.  He had nothing; the bare apartment was not on his thoughts.  In his own mind, stuck in his thoughts there was nothing.  No motivation.  No inspiration. Only a wonder if there was something, someone out there for him.  The longing for more than the life he was stuck.

(97 Words)


  1. How awful to be so totally empty, you managed to get his feelings across well :)

  2. Empty and searching, but not hopeless. Very well rendered. Weak tea - blank canvas - bare apartment - all adds so much with such sparse wording. Thanks for another great Visual Dare Entry. :)