Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blog Flash Day #9: Journey

Miranda walked over to the shattered glass, she could see her jagged and distorted reflection in the pieces.  With a deep breath, she crouched down to pick the biggest shard from the debris; she was just a couple months from her twenty fifth birthday.  The reflection looking back at her was not one of youth, the supposed prime of her life but of one much older.  She forced a smile looking at the tired eyes.  The last five years had been an exhausting journey, and she could see it had not been kind to the young woman she saw.

  (99 Words)


  1. This is a very interesting response to the prompt! Thank you so much for sharing it, Steven.

  2. Love the pic. Feeling for Miranda; no one likes to look older . . . her journey sounds extremely stressful. . . Great piece. x